BACK       IN        TIME

Experience the sound of the 60's & 50's as it really was back then. This is a hugely popular and entertaining tribute to the music of those times and to the legendary bands who influenced mainstream music like never before and with it the lives of the people it reached in all corners of the world.

To keep things as authentic as possible we have gone to great lengths to equip ourselves with original - and in some instances rare - sound equipment, which would have graced many stages back in the day and which looks and sounds great on ours too. To play 60's music through a 'heavy rock' set up just doesn't seem right to us, so .... Gone are the big bass bins. Gone are the deafening top and mid range speakers - and they didn't have lightshows in those days - so we've waved goodbye to that too. The Beatles and most of their contemporaries played through gear like ours. They packed quite a punch and we do too. Shame about our musicians though. We've tried to make ourselves 17 again but it just doesn't work. Suffice to say we're old, but we aint cold!