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To keep things real, we have gone to great lengths to equip ourselves with original - and in some instances rare - sound equipment, which would have graced many stages back in the day and which looks and sounds great on ours too.

Experience the sound of the 60's as it really was back then. This is a hugely popular and entertaining tribute to the music of those times and to the legendary bands who influenced mainstream music like never before and with it the lives of the people it reached in all corners of the world.

Between the three of us we have played at Liverpool's world famous Cavern Club over 120 times.

To play 60's music through today's sound systems just doesn't seem right to us. Those are mostly intended for huge venues and certainly not for pubs and most clubs and small function venues, despite being widely used there to the discomfort of the guests. The Beatles and their contemporaries packed quite a punch through the Vox gear they used  - and we do too. Vox was the way to go in the 60's and was the 'must have' top end option in those days.

That's not the end of the story though. These days there are a multitude of special effects built into sound systems and these provide the means to 'smooth everything out'. All bands use them but, for a 60's band, they spell goodbye to the unique sound required. An exciting, rocking sound that can only emerge from the simple, basic gear used back in the day.

So! We've ditched our fancy state of the art sound system and flashing lights and gone back to basics.

Shame about our musicians though. We've tried to make ourselves 17 again but it just doesn't work. Suffice to say we're old, but we sure aint cold, and we do know how to play 60's songs, plus a few from the 50's, and make them sound just as they did ......

Back In Time.


Marty Wilde; The Merseys; Creedence Clearwater Revival; Chuck Berry; Bob Dillon; Small Faces; Lonnie Donegan; Elvis Presley; Johnny Kidd & the Pirates;  

We don't take ourselves too seriously so expect a fun evening with songs by the Beatles; Rolling stones; 

Doctor Feelgood; The Kinks; Sam the Sham & the Pharoes; Bill Haley; Tommy Tucker - and more. Plus! A couple of lively irish songs .... and something you won't expect! - Were not telling .......